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Don’t Blame Refugees for Home-Grown Terrorism

Here’s a list of Islamist terror attacks in Europe between 7 Jul 2005 and 13 Nov 2015. Note the origin and/or nationality of the attackers. Demonising refugees will do nothing to prevent this kind of home-grown terrorist attack.

13 Nov 2015 French/Belgian Islamist terrorists attack Paris, France

14 Feb 2015 Danish Islamist terrorist attacks Copenhagen, Denmark

7 Jan 2015 French Islamist terrorists attack Paris, France

24 May 2014 French Islamist terrorist attacks Brussels, Belgium

18 Jul 2012 Australian and Canadian Islamist terrorists attack Burgas, Bulgaria

15 & 19 Mar 2012 French Islamist terrorist attacks Montauban & Toulouse, France

2 Mar 2011 German Islamist terrorist attacks Frankfurt, Germany

11 Dec 2010 Swedish Islamist terrorist attacks Stockholm, Sweden

7 July 2005 British Islamist terrorists attack London, England