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Don’t Blame Refugees for Home-Grown Terrorism

Here’s a list of Islamist terror attacks in Europe between 7 Jul 2005 and 13 Nov 2015. Note the origin and/or nationality of the attackers. Demonising refugees will do nothing to prevent this kind of home-grown terrorist attack.

13 Nov 2015 French/Belgian Islamist terrorists attack Paris, France

14 Feb 2015 Danish Islamist terrorist attacks Copenhagen, Denmark

7 Jan 2015 French Islamist terrorists attack Paris, France

24 May 2014 French Islamist terrorist attacks Brussels, Belgium

18 Jul 2012 Australian and Canadian Islamist terrorists attack Burgas, Bulgaria

15 & 19 Mar 2012 French Islamist terrorist attacks Montauban & Toulouse, France

2 Mar 2011 German Islamist terrorist attacks Frankfurt, Germany

11 Dec 2010 Swedish Islamist terrorist attacks Stockholm, Sweden

7 July 2005 British Islamist terrorists attack London, England

Who Are The Free Schools’ True Neighbours?

There was some discussion today on the New Statesman’s politics blog about free school meals at West London Free School and its neighbouring schools:


Lisa Nandy wrote this:


Toby Young replied with this:


The figure of 23% FSM at WLFS is not disputed, but how do we get 32% FSM for neighbouring schools?


Look at WLFS on the DfE web site and compare it with nearby state secondary schools:


Hammersmith Academy has no data, so the nearest five state schools with published FSM statistics are: Sacred Heart, Cardinal Vaughan, Fulham Cross, Phoenix and Henry Compton.


In total, the five schools have 3,800 pupils, of which 1,223, or 32%, are on FSM.


DfE claimed in September 2011 that Free Schools were “targeting deprivation” and “deprived communities” in “disadvantaged areas” to “support the very poorest pupils”


By analysing FSM and SEN statistics for free schools and their nearest comparable state schools neighbours, SchoolDuggery challenged those claims.


Andrew Adonis echoed the old DfE claims by talking about “disadvantaged communities” and “disadvantaged areas” in his New Statesman piece:


Lisa Nandy, once again, challenged this view. What the comparison with the nearest state school neighbours shows is that, far from targeting disadvantaged children in neighbouring state schools, West London Free School’s real target is, as Toby Young admits in his response, middle-class children in neighbouring fee-paying independent schools.


At a time when state investment in education is being squeezed, I think this is an inappropriate use of limited public funds, and that’s why I, like Lisa Nandy, don’t support it. If the DfE really does want to target the very poorest pupils in disadvantaged areas, there are better ways of going about it.