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European Election 2014 in the East of England

Here are my predictions for how the D’Hondt method will allocate seats in the European election in the East of England in 2014.

The number of seats allocated is the share of the vote divided by the D’Hondt quota rounded down to the nearest whole number.

Predicted D’Hondt quota 9.3%

Predicted Votes in 2014, Swing from 2009 and Seats

Party Votes in 2014
Swing from 2009 Seats
Conservative Less than 27.9% More -ve than -3.3% 2
UKIP More than 27.9% More +ve than +8.3% 3
Liberal Democrat Close to 9.3% Close to -4.5% 0 or 1
Labour Close to 18.6% Close to +8.1% 1 or 2
Green Less than 9.3% Less +ve than +0.5% 0

The 1st Liberal Democrat or 2nd Labour seat will set the D’Hondt quota.

Seckford Censured Again by ASA for Misleading Ixworth ‘Choice’ Ad

The Seckford Foundation Free Schools Trust has received a second formal reprimand from advertising watchdog ASA for a third misleading ad. The organisation is building up a track record for less-than-candid marketing.

Seckford’s ad for a proposed Ixworth Free School claimed that restructuring would leave children with no choice on leaving primary school. The Suffolk Coalition Opposing Free Schools (SCOFS) argued that this was misleading and could not be substantiated. The ASA agreed in a ruling published on Wed 30 Jan.

Parents in the Thurston catchment already send children to schools in Bury St Edmunds, Stowmarket and elsewhere, and parents there send children to Thurston. School reorganisation won’t stop this. There is choice.

In fact, Ixworth Free School would reduce choice for children in the Thurston area. Children attending the Ixworth Free School would be limited by the restrictive curriculum proposed by Seckford, which does not meet the needs of all children and contains few choices. Children attending Thurston may have their choices reduced if smaller year sizes limit the range of courses that can be offered.

Seckford has repeatedly bent the truth in order to sell its struggling free school in Beccles. It’s sad to see them repeat the same behaviour in Ixworth. Parents seeking real choice should look elsewhere.

This week’s ASA ruling

Previous ASA rulings against Seckford